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Muay Thai in Chelmsford

Amazing classes for traditional Muay Thai in Chelmsford. This combat sport of Thailand originating around 3000 years ago and is known as "The science of the eight limbs" and using elbows, fists, knees and kicks also with clinching to immobilize the opponents and break down there game plan. It has taken root as probably the foremost striking martial art in the world especially in MMA sports.








Muay Thai styles vary from club to club depending on the instructor, some claim to have trained in Thailand which can be a good thing however this is not essential as time out there will of course be limited. Having an experienced Thai boxing instructor who has trained for many years will always serve you better for example in learning great punch combinations, kicking techniques including proper footwork.

Looking for the right class with the right environment is hard and not everywhere will be right for you. We know this is true and believe you should try us out for FREE first. So you can make the best choice and belong to a club that will look after you and teach you right from the beginning.

We have  a very good reputation so book your FREE trial now!

This is used for the following:-

  • Elements of Self protection
  • Gaining mental focus
  • Fitness
  • Self discipline
  • Fear management
  • MMA (mixed martial arts)

The following are some attributes of our classes:-

  •  Pad work
  •  Partner Drills
  •  Bag Work
  •  Sparring (Light and Controlled)
  •  Exercise & Conditioning
  •  Shadow Boxing
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What is our Muay Thai training like?

We run our classes for all abilities so if you have no experience, unfit or not flexible we want you in our club so we can build you into a fighting fit positive student who will leave every lesson learning something new.

All our students are taught to have respect for each other and we discourage big ego's as this can disrupt our ethos. Everyone learns at there own pace and we always give you the attention and encouragement you need to advance at a pace you are comfortable at.

There is no pressure or expectations but we do require you to put the training in so as to get the benefits back out from it. Try our weeks free trial and you will see for yourself how fun and relaxed it is here. Book a Muay Thai class in Chelmsford now.


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Ladie's Muay Thai  

We welcome women in our Muay Thai class who are beginners or experienced and we have about a 30 percent ratio to the men in the club.

All our classes are geared towards both men and women. 

We definitely recommend trying out this fantastic hand to hand sport and combined with our other combat sports it can truly bring out the best in you and your training.

Get the best Muay Thai classes today.

Jade & Lisa

"You Don't Have To Be a Fighter To Have a Fighting Spirit.

You Just Need Heart and The Desire to Succeed!"