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Kickboxing Chelmsford

A hardworking, friendly and the most challenging Muay Thai Kickboxing Chelmsford has on offer. We have integrated our K1 style with Thai boxing to give students an all round combat ability and not limiting any learning ranges.

Accommodating mixed ability classes focusing on both K1 and thai boxing, most people train muay thai-kickboxing now as its heavily influenced as the all round stand up fighting style.  Whether wanting to get fit or looking to compete, we cater for everyone.

Our classes consists of a cardio workout burning up to 800 calories in a 1 hour session. Getting fit, healthier and more alert makes for a better life and this kind of class gives you so many benefits.









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This is used for the following:-

  • Self protection
  • Gaining mental focus
  • Fitness
  • Self discipline
  • Fear management
  • MMA (mixed martial arts)

What is our Kickboxing training like?

  •  Pad work
  •  Partner Drills
  •  Bag Work
  •  Sparring (Light)
  •  Exercise & Conditioning
  •  Shadow Boxing

Harry Iggy-min

Our mixed adult male and female classes are fun for everyone.  Come alone or as a couple or in a group and you are guaranteed to enjoy these classes.

You will learn a mix of martial arts techniques and skills, along with getting fit, becoming healthy, meeting new friendly people and having huge amounts of fun.

These classes can be joined at complete beginner level or as a more advance martial artist.

We definitely recommend trying out this wonderful art and combined with our other martial arts it can truly bring out the best in you and your training. Get the best K1 style Kickboxing Chelmsford has today.

The club is very friendly and not at all intimidating which gives a healthy and vibrant atmosphere unlike other clicky aggressive places. 

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Ladie's Kickboxing

An explosive calorie burning class making you stronger and leaner than ever before. 

We welcome women who are beginners or experienced.

All our classes are geared towards both men and women. 

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We aim to be an inspirational place, where people matter, results count and a passion for excellence drives everything that we do.