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You have found the most established boxing Braintree has to offer and certainly at the right place. Boxing is a hand to hand combat sport and requires skill and technique to master. 

We are a full time boxing club in Chelmsford which provide a fantastic way to relieve stress, get fit and gain confidence whilst having a great work out.

ROUND ONE Boxing promotes the cleanest and largest facility for Boxing and an extremely friendly bunch of people who love to train every week.

Learn to box, build confidence, and get in the best shape of your lives! Boxing has tons of physical, mental and social benefits, suitable for anyone and everyone. Become part of something positive and learn new skills from trained coaches. It’s easy to get started—Fill in the form today to get started!







Burn fat and build muscle while you learn from the best instructors around!


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Sometimes, it can be hard to have faith in your abilities, especially when you’re stressed out and overworked.

Studying martial arts is a natural confidence builder. It provides students with a series of achievable goals to pursue – and achieving each one provides a boost of confidence and a sense of achievement.

Adult martial arts students learn to trust their strength and ability in a challenging environment.

"You Don't Have To Be a Fighter To Have a Fighting Spirit. You Just Need Heart and The Desire to Succeed!"
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Delivering a Knockout Punch to Your Usual Workout

Also classed as a martial art this hand to hand combat sport has come a long way since the days of bare-knuckle boxing.

Nowadays we use wrist wraps and protective gloves to deliver punches like the cross, jabs, hooks and uppercut to name a few.

We teach everything from jump rope to defences like slipping, bobbing and weaving, parrying and blocking.

Boxing training is hard work but extremely beneficial to your well being and fitness levels.

No one is pressured into going into the boxing ring to fight, the training is highly rewarding on its own.
Once you get the hang of it, its hard to stop!

On your trial we supply boxing gloves and pads so you don't have to buy anything up front, just bring a towel and water.

This is used for the following:-

  • Self protection
  • Gaining mental focus
  • Fitness
  • Self discipline
  • Fear management
  • MMA (mixed martial arts)

What is our training like?

  •  Pad work
  •  Partner Drills
  •  Bag Work
  •  Exercise & Conditioning
  •  Shadow Boxing


It’s common for adults to struggle with self-esteem as they deal with competitive work environments and overloaded to-do lists.

Adults who study boxing learn to search within themselves for their best qualities. They learn to self-motivate and not to worry what others think of them.

Boxing instruction encourages students to feel good about themselves as they master new techniques.

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I don’t feel good about myself. Can studying martial arts make me feel better?

Yes. boxing instruction combines physical fitness with mental strength, and people who feel fit and strong are also confident.

Can studying martial arts help me at work?
Yes. When you feel good physically and you push yourself to try something new, it affects your confidence and performance in every area of life.
I don’t think of myself as an athlete and I was never good at sports. Can I do martial arts?
Yes. Martial arts instruction is tailored to each student’s capabilities and goals, so anybody – at any fitness level – can benefit from studying martial arts.
I tend to be timid about taking chances on new things. Can studying martial arts make me more comfortable with risk-taking?
Everybody is different, but trying something new like martial arts can help break down barriers and increase the chances that you’ll be willing to try other new things, too.


Boxing students believe in their strength and abilities because they know what their bodies can do.

Physical strength and mental strength go hand in hand.

Boxing students learn about the power of mind over matter.

Boxing instruction focuses on achieving personal excellence, something that builds self-esteem.



Unit 4B Beehive Business Centre,
Beehive Lane,
Great Baddow,
Chelmsford , Essex CM2 9TE


Map Unit 4b Beehive Business Centre, Beehive Lane

**Temporarily Closed**

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