Brian Reece Instructor

Hi, I'm Brian Reece,


When I opened Round One my “goal” was to serve and empower our members by teaching them the confidence, fitness and skills that can only be achieved through boxing and martial arts.

We achieve this by working to develop our member’s four states of health:
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

I have helped hundreds of non confident, unfit, complete beginners change their lives with the power of boxing and martial arts. They have all become leaner, fitter and more confident individuals that are ready to conquer anything in there lives.

Why is boxing/martial arts so successful in transforming lives?

The reason is fairly simple. Boxing and martial arts is habitual. It is about the “Practice, of being in Practice.”
“How you do anything is how you do everything! Through positive habitual training, our students develop in a very structured approach."

MF Gym April 13 2017


2400 Square foot main training area
Fully matted 55mm flooring
Full range of punch bags
16 foot boxing ring
Complimentary Wi-Fi

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a class?

Be sure you will sweat; a lot ! You will also learn some knew boxing skills, feel the buzz of the boxing club and come away feeling like you’ve pushed yourself and are proud of it.

Everyone learns and progresses whilst getting mega fit.

Do I have to be really good at boxing to join in?

Not at all. Never boxed before? Done some boxercise perhaps? Had 5 fights? You’re a pro? Whatever your ability, all comers are welcome. Round One is for any level!

Will i learn to box?

Of course, that's the idea. Authentic boxing training, from proper coaches with years of martial arts and boxing experience. 

Will I get punched?

Not unless you join a sparring session where you should expect full contact. In a Boxing Session the coach will occasionally have you practising drills with each other and you are practising those reaction skills. In the Conditioning Session you won’t be having any contact.

Is it a female friendly gym?

Women are more than welcome. We pride ourselves at Round One for being welcoming to anybody and everybody. 

Do I need my own gloves and wraps?

We provide free gloves when you purchase a trial, and sell wraps for £5.

What should I wear?

Gym type comfortable clothing is the short answer! We do like people once they are hooked to buy boxing boots which you can buy for about £30 something that lends itself to proper agility.

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