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Supervised Activities For Children

We are now holding supervised activities for children for the foreseeable future.

Do you need time to look for work because of the COVID crisis?
We have the perfect solution for parents who need that extra hour of the day to look for work, go to work or use it to gain training or education while you're children are being supervised for activities.


Please inquire on a first come first serve basis by calling 07788 44777 for more information.

Please see Gov guidance below for clarification.


These classes will be for parents who are subject to the following guidelines only:-

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England)
(No. 4) Regulations 2020

(13) Paragraph (12)(e) only applies where the childcare is reasonably necessary to enable a
parent, or a person who has parental responsibility for, or care of, the child in question, to work,
search for work or to undertake training or education.

Source: -

Children should be between the ages of 13yrs - 17yrs to qualify

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