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Planning martial arts


Here at ROUND ONE Boxing, planning is one of the recognised principles linked with our martial arts teaching.

We set goals for each class identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals whenever possible.
This guarantees smooth progress and unnecessary frustrations will be avoided. For greatest value for motivation, goals should be specific and reasonably not hard to achieve.


At ROUND ONE Boxing, we don’t just concentrate on providing the best Martial Arts around.
We pay close attention to self motivation because we believe that this fuels self fulfillment among individuals.
We offer you a consistent source of motivation that you will surely need in order to succeed and become a well-trained martial artist at our school.


We like to think that our school is one of the best in Essex and we believe one of the reasons for this is how we train our students. Its by practice and repetition that our students succeed.
We are creative in motivating our students and encourage them to continue practicing regularly.
We believe that helping our students be consistent in practicing, it will be easier for them to reach there goals.


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We give great value to another significant principle in martial arts training that is recognition of individuality. We believe that each person has a different means of understanding and perceiving the world around them.

We consider each person individually and as part of the whole. People learn at their own pace and to the best of their abilities. Our instructors know how to balance individual needs crucial to there improvement

We are all unique people with extraordinary mental and physical characteristics and special talents. By recognizing these things accurately, we are able to help in maximizing everyone’s potential.

As an institution, we believe that one of our obligations is to preserve and treasure martial arts and pass this on to all our interested and dedicated students. Therefore, we ask students to practice certain techniques and skills in a specific and designated manner with no digression.

An ideal example of this is practice of forms. This is a means of preserving the tradition of the art. It is expected that our students excel in our classes. Some punch faster and kick higher while others do not.  But this does not necessarily mean that we will demand all our students to also kick high or punch fast. We welcome all students who are eager to learn martial arts and gain mastery



Another imperative principle of our school along with planning, motivation, practice and recognition of individuality is performance assessment. Performance assessment pertains to the process of collecting data that is utilized to comprehensively determine or check the progress of students correctig the problems and errors along the way.

Performance assessments usually have four important progressive steps such as appraisal and analysis, feedback, reinforcement and follow up. Once martial arts instructors started to utilize this process in checking the performance of their students, they will notice that these four steps are naturally following each other and they can utilize them constantly in their teaching.

The Analysis and appraisal is the very first step in performance assessment which is actually two separate yet related steps. It can be said that appraisal is taking place when you are watching the individual performance of your student and determining his present skill level.

In learning new techniques and skills, students cannot really determine or judge if they are actually executing it accurately. Our highly experienced and trained instructors in ROUND ONE Boxing will guide students towards the right movements and they do this by means of physical and verbal reminders.

We check the progress of every student regularly with specific attention to his or her previous difficulties. It also helps in preventing students from slipping back to bad habits that can result to inefficiency in there martial arts training.