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Martial Arts in Chelmsford

Train all Week for FREE. We have the best martial arts Chelmsford has to offer. Come and see us in our newly fitted out studio. Totally friendly, totally un-intimidating, we can offer you the following disciplines in the best club around.

Be part of a positive and winning team at Focus martial arts Chelmsford.

  • Be more confident,
  • Become fitter,
  • Lose weight,
  • Learn to defend yourself

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All our classes cater for adults of all ages and abilities, with beginner and advanced students always welcome. We will help you develop to ensure the best results you can get. Our instructors have the skills to get you up to scratch weather you are beginner or expert, looking for a new hobby or wanting to become world champion; Mighty Fighters Gym has something to offer you.

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and we aim to be an inspirational place where people matter and results count.

We definitely recommend trying out one of if not all our styles so book your FREE weeks lessons today.

Ladies Welcome 

If you are looking for a club to fit in and not be intimidated then this is the place for you  We welcome women who are beginners or experienced. We have  around 30% women in our club from 14 yrs to 48 yrs old. Everyone is supportive and friendly and that's the way we like it here.

Try our FREE trial and find out what our club can do for you.

All our classes are geared towards both men and women.

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We aim to be an inspirational place, where people matter, results count and a passion for excellence drives everything that we do.