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You are not obliged to enter into our Grading system.

We operate a very strict and professional grading system, no belts are given away just for money. You will never pass just for the sake of turning up and paying your money. Schools all over the UK are now just turning into Mc Dojo's (we are NOT one of them) where we have seen high graded belts that cant do what they are suppose to be able to do at that level.

If you want to be able to have the skill no matter what you think your ability is we will train you to a high standard, remember it is our passion for you to succeed!

If you feel this is something you want then why not take advantage of our quarterly Grading’s.


Every student will be trained to have the ability of receiving a black belt certificate.

There will be 3 levels of student and be graded according to;

Agility, stamina, fitness levels

Effectiveness of shape, offence, defence, position

Gradings 1-4
Gradings 5-8


We appreciate that people come in various shapes and sizes so we have 3 processes to grade everyone whoever you are.

Lots of people are put off by the thought of having to perform gymnastic like moves to even be able to attend a class let alone train in one consistently.

On your first swim did you NOT need a helping hand?

The ROUND ONE team are highly conscious of this and other reasons why people don’t even consider joining a martial arts class and are here to assist with individual training needs however big or small they are.