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Grading Day

Grading day is where you can achieve a recognition for your efforts and hard work. It gives you a measurement of your progress at Mighty Fighters with a certificate of recognition.

Do I have to grade?

No. All grading's are optional, there is absolutely no pressure to have to grade. 

Does ROUND ONE Boxing give belts away like other clubs do?

NO, we don't and never will. We don't lie to our students that's dishonest. Our ethos is if we cant train you to the right standard you shouldn't be trained by us. Giving away certificates with out having the ability is perceived as giving you false confidence... not going to happen here guys!



What is the cost?

Cost £25

Time 1 Hour (Approx)

What will i receive for my money?

  • You will receive the Mighty Fighters certificate of recognition.
  • Belt for Kickboxing, Prajet for Muay Thai, 
  • And our blessing that you are truly the grade we authenticate you as

What if I'm nervous?

There is no real reason to get nervous on the day. Although this is a serious event we do want  you to be as relaxed as possible.

We also do allow for some mistakes on the day!