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Club Rules

There must always be respect for your instructor and fellow students. The following conduct must be adhered too at all times.

Your progress is important to us so please read this carefully and be mindful of the following:-


1.  Students must wear the ROUND ONE Boxing uniform at all times whilst training in the club.

          Uniform consists of ROUND ONE Boxing T shirt/vest.

2.  The appropriate equipment must be purchased and worn at the required times whilst training.

          Gloves, Mouth Guard, Shin Guards etc... This is for your safety.

3.  No Trainers or Outside shoes to be worn whilst training on the mats.

          Bare foot or Boxing boots are allowed.

4.  Once the instructor calls time to demonstrate all students must remain responsive by  being quite. THAT MEANS NO TALKING.

          Only questions are permitted at this time regarding the drill in question.

5.  Students must always be of respectful behaviour at all times.

          Respect, give it to get it.

6.  All classes begin with the traditional salutation for the art you are practicing.

          If you are unsure what that is just bow and learn the salutation asap.

7.  Mobile phones should be put on silent mode once inside the club.

          This should be obvious

8.  You must wear hand wraps when using the clubs Gloves and Hook & Jab pads.

          This is for health and hygienic purpose.

9.  All equipment to be put back in the correct place after use.

          Let's keep the club tidy

12. If you sweat bring a Towel with you

   No one wants you sweating on them, Hygiene first!

11. Please keep the reception area clear of all clothes and bag

 Nothing should be left on the sofa's or chairs

Club rules

We create a friendly and un-intimidating atmosphere at FOCUS martial arts.


We hope you enjoy your journey with us.