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Muay Thai Chelmsford

If you are looking for a leading martial arts school that teach the best combat sports, you have come to the right place. You have found the most exciting, friendliest and best Muay Thai Chelmsford.

Referred to as the "Science of Eight Limbs" it is the main combat sport of Thailand that inspires many people to take up and if taught correctly can be a very effect full contact art.

Our classes cater for all types of skill level and we welcome women into our club. We believe that with pure dedication anyone can gain the skills needed to achieve there goals in no time.

No other club offers this kind of choice all under one roof. If you want the best come to the best, you will not be disappointed!

Martial Arts Chelmsford

Our instructors are equipped with the best knowledge, experience and skills. Possibly having the best martial arts Chelmsford has to offer they are ready to help and assist you at our leading martial arts gym.

Our classes cater for peoples needs regardless of sex, ability and fitness level.

There are many reasons why people choose the Kickboxing Chelmsford offers or the Muay Thai Chelmsford has and It’s our advice that you locate the best club to ensure that you end up with the right training available.

Offering other classes such as Boxing and White Collar Boxing training & events we see to it that you will encounter the best professional instructors that will help you fulfill your desire to become the best you can be.

Kickboxing Chelmsford

You have found the best K1/Glory Kickboxing Chelmsford has to offer and we are here to teach you this great stand up striking art.

This contact sport uses punching, kicking and knees from various styles. An excellent choice for a great cardio workout and stress relief class.

Whether you have sporting ambitions or you just want to improve and boost your health, well-being and confidence, our school is exactly the one for you.

With our sociable martial arts classes, you are also given the chance to meet other people and have fun while learning.

If you think this could be just the place for you, all you need to do is fill in the contact form to get a FREE NO OBLIGATION trial or call us on 0770 8844777 to book it.

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We truly think we have one of the most fun, most engaging, and most powerful activities for personal development (mental, physical AND emotional wellness) on the planet. It's REALLY that good. We sincerely want you to try it, but it's important for us that you're comfortable, and that our values are congruent before you start.

That's why we offer a no obligation trial. If you don't like our classes, NO problem, you won't hurt our feelings! In fact, we'll even try to use what we learned in our short time with you to suggest an activity that you might like better.




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"A Fantastic Training Opportunity"

What Our Students Think!

Excellent environment offering good all round fitness technique and martial art skill. The instructors positively encourage you to challenge yourself. I am learning alongside experienced and new students in a friendly safe well equipped dojo.

Its not all about self defence for me but more about the empowerment confidence and overall feeling and sense of well-being. It takes an element of control and calmness and a respect for your fellow students and instructors to be part of this club.

They definitely have this right here!. Wish I had taken this up earlier in life. However I aim to continuously grow from strength to strength.

White Collar November 2015
Jade & Lisa
White Collar girls November
Jon Kickboxing white
Kyle M T White
Kickboxing Chelmsford Cat Frazer

"Student Testimonials"

I have been a student for the past year at focus ma and found both the instructors and lessons to be of a high standard. I have trained at a few clubs now and would recommend this club to beginners and experienced martial artists.

They always take there time and make sure your form is correct and never drip feed the information like some clubs do. My advice is to take advantage of the FREE first lesson to see if you like it or not and take a good look at there website for more information.

They have the biggest matted area in Chelmsford and more bags you can wave a stick at. I have just started there and my first lesson was free. I have found the instructors to be highly attentive and knowledgeable.

This is my third club now and already i can tell the difference in tuition after only one week. Great people and great venue and lots of room on the mats! I will keep everyone informed of my progress



Awesome classes, facilities and friendly atmosphere, wish I had taken up martial arts years ago, but it is never too late.



Training at our club can do wonders especially in terms of improving peoples overall personality. Aside from exercising the mind and the body, martial arts can also promote holistic development in every individual.

Practicing is proven to be an excellent way of improving health, strength and stamina . Training can also be integrated in daily routines without having to make major adjustments. Increased number of people are now going to martial arts schools and finding innumerable benefits such as:

  • Overcome mental obstacles               
  • Building self-esteem                           
  • Practicing ideal self control                  
  • Improve your physical abilities                  
  • Physical, spiritual and mental development
  • Increase strength & Stamina
  • Improve Fitness & Flexibility  
  • Self defence
  • Physical Health and Fitness
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We aim to be an inspirational place, where people matter, results count and a passion for excellence drives everything that we do”.

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