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Boxing in Chelmsford

Boxing training is renowned for being the most demanding sport in the world and is the best way to lose weight, tone up, gain strength physically and mentally. It is ideal for all ages, young or old, male or female and is the most rewarding type of training available. Read more about the most exciting Boxing Chelmsford has to offer.

Each round consisting of 2 to 3 minutes hard work followed by a 45 second break which in turn will improve recovery rate, lung capacity and stamina. A total body conditioning workout improving fitness, weight loss and core strength.

Combining strength, CV fitness and Boxing. Aimed at both male & female, this intense workout consists of padwork, skipping, upper/lower body circuit, abs and bagwork which will improve strength, speed, agility, coordination and aid weight loss (up to 500 calories per session).

It's So Much More Than Just Punching

On the surface, our gym might seem like it's just all about fighting but in truth, there is so much more to Boxing. You will learn that through the effort, dedication and practice you put into every class... every area of your life will see improvements. You'll gain confidence, determination and focus that will seep into everything you do. Whether at home, work or just out an about - you'll change everything.

Boxing is just as much about work on who we are as a human being as it is about the individual techniques and skills. With our program, you'll reap the full benefit of this fantastic discipline.


Boxing fitness program exclusive to members of Round One.

A bootcamp designed to push you, test you and help you achieve your goals and targets. The bootcamp is set like a boxers fight camp as they train to prepare for a fight and make weight.

The aim of the bootcamp is to also change the way you think about fitness and dieting and help you to make better choices when it comes to eating, training, resting and recovering.

Each camp will teach you safe and effective boxing skills, help you reach your fitness goals all while having FUN!!


The bootcamps are ideal for anyone who is looking for something different, something new, tired of the gym or not getting results.

Boxing For Fitness is a full body workout in collaboration with the 4 time World Boxing Champion Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton's Boxing Academy.

5 ROUNDS OF BOXING FITNESS The classes consist of 5 rounds with each round being 3 minutes long with each pair taking a shot as boxer and pad holder.


95% of our classes are Non-Contact, its about having a great time whilst getting fit and learning great skills.

You don't have to get hit to learn new skills and enjoy Britain's best loved sport!

Ash Interveiw
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Boxing will keep you physically active. It will also fill you with a sense of achievement. It does not matter if you have no background in Boxing. Train at Round One Boxing and discover the following health benefits for your mind and body:

  • Healthier lifestyle. Boxing is a high-aerobic, total-body workout. All the muscle groups in your body will be exercised. You will be able to improve your muscle tone, stamina, balance, flexibility, and strength. You will burn tons of calories in every class. You will also realise that your food cravings will become less than usual.


  • Better cardiovascular health. While training, you will be able to stress your heart. This may cause you thoughts of concern. However, researchers say that this is actually a good way to improve your cardiovascular health.


  • Improved mood. By regularly participating in Boxing classes, you will notice that you will experience less frustration and stress. This is due to endorphin's being released by your body during training. Your mood will be better, thus making you a happier person.
  • Improved self-confidence. Round One Boxing is a supportive and friendly community, where you can learn this contact sport. The values that Boxing will impart with you are respect and positive encouragement. And as you learn self-defence moves, you will also become less fearful in situations where you can encounter danger. Your reflexes will be improved, and you will be able to experience quicker reaction time when performing strenuous activities or even simple activities.


  • Excellent muscle tone and weight loss. In an hour of Boxing lesson, you can burn as much as 500 calories. Furthermore, you will be able to develop higher muscle mass. This means that you will have high metabolic demands and increase in agility.


Harry T-min


Been training here for a few months now and after moving to the area it took some time to find a club like Round One Boxing!

Members are ego free but will push you during training so you always get the most out of a class.

Coaches are very experienced and will help and encourage you in what ever your goals are.

Hollie w


A well organised spacious gym with a relaxed atmosphere but hardcore training from the coaches, if you put the work in you definitely see the results in a very short space of time.

Easy to get to well equipped from beginners to amateurs to pro's, highly recommended and a pleasure to train here.

Mike Jefferson


Excellent environment offering good all round fitness technique and boxing skills. The instructors positively encourage you to challenge yourself. I am learning alongside experienced and new students in a friendly safe well equipped gym.

They definitely have this right here!. Wish I had taken this up earlier in life. However I aim to continuously grow from strength to strength.

"You Don't Have To Be a Fighter To Have a Fighting Spirit. You Just Need Heart and The Desire to Succeed!"
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Unit 4B Beehive Business Centre,
Beehive Lane,
Great Baddow,
Chelmsford , Essex CM2 9TE


Map Unit 4b Beehive Business Centre, Beehive Lane
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